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The famous canvas and rope sole alpargatas shoes also known as espadrilles.

A fresh footwear and 100% ecological, because their components, from the upper canvas (cotton fiber) to the sole (jute fiber) are natural thus allowing the right ventilation and a greater comfort.
Made in Argentina. 100% Cotton. Rueda brand. All sizes available.
Washing instructions: Dry clean with brush. Don't wash. Don't iron.

We recommend that you select a smaller size than your usual as alpargatas will stretch.

Alpargata size is the European standard so please check size chart to find UK or US size.  Click here to see chart
How to buy: Select model and then click the add to cart PayPal button to buy. P&P will be informed on PayPal before you purchase.
Price USD 55







Black alpargatas





Black Sport Alpargatas










White Alpargatas










White Sport Alpargatas









Carpincho Alpargatas



The Carpincho alpargata is made with synthetic leather as that of the carpincho capybara leather.


Click here for: Photos of alpargatas in detail